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On Site Certified Arborist/Horticulturist

King Tree Service is owned and operated by Thomas Amorim, an accredited and ministry certified Arborist and Horticulturist with a Diploma in Horticulture and ISA certified in 1997.

Horticulture includes arboriculture as one of it’s many branches. Horticulture is the cultivation of plants grown for food and aesthetics such as turf grass, fruits and vegetables, environmental landscaping, nursery production and landscaping.

An arborist is a specialist who can help in the selection of and maintenance of plants, and can care for trees and other woody plants. Planting, pruning, diagnosing and treating problems are just some of the things we do.

An Arborist can recommend watering, fertilizing, pesticide applications and other cultural programs to help maintain the long-term health and beauty of landscapes.

Thomas, our consulting arborist and horticulturist, will be more than happy to take a look at your property issues.

Arborist Resources

As a graduate of the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture, Thomas brings a great deal of knowledge and expertise from his intensive study of plants at the School, as well on study tours of New York and London’s Kew Gardens. The world-class education offered at The Niagara Parks School of Horticulture has given Thomas an expert understanding and knowledge of trees and gardens to serve you.

Practical experience includes the management of trees and landscapes in Forested, rural, urban areas and at a municipal level.

Horticulture Consulting

Our Consulting Services are varied to scale and budget and are tailor made to suit your specific needs. You needn't have a large property to have a simple horticulture plan designed to make your green space more manageable and enjoyable.

However, if the management of substantial Commercial or Residential land is a priority to maintain property value and aesthetics, you will be pleased to find we offer detailed horticulture plans which can be accomplished in several budget friendly stages.

King Tree Service - Horticulture Plan

Tree Plant Inventory - Complete listing of plant and tree species, location, environmental condition and hazard rating

Plant Analysis - An analysis of the specific needs of a tree community or single species

Recommendations - A full report and suggested tree and garden maintenance plan OR landscape design

Our Horticulturist will take a calendar year to observe and report on your trees and gardens. This allow us to assess, analyze and give you numerous simple solutions for a management plan that is tailor made to your space. Bi-monthly visits allow our Arborist to prune a small shrub or tree each time we visit your property.

A full reporting of your changing landscape is given each season for future reference and to assist you while you garden.

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