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Tree Diagnosis

Insect ~ Disease ~ Injury Diagnosis

A thorough diagnosis can best determine a plan to invigorate your trees to prevent or defend themselves from further injury.
Diagnosis of tree problems requires a thorough knowledge of plants, botany, soil science, climate horticultural practices, entomology and pathology.

Symptoms (abnormalities)
Leaf spots and blotches, stem dieback, cankers, poor growth, wilting, yellowing and galls

Causal Agents of Tree Stress
The causes of injury or disease can be both biotic or abiotic and more importantly if it is infectious.

Abiotic stresses would include nutrient, water, air, temperature and salt stresses. Biotic stresses would include insects, bacteria, fungi and viruses to name just a few.

Some Leading Causes of Tree Stress

  • Over and under watering
  • Over and under fertilization
  • Physical root damage due to building renovation etc.
  • Poor soil quality

Tree Care Tips

  • Water during a drought
  • Provide nutrients and a good rooting environment through mulching
  • Pruning promotes a more efficient nutrient transport

Recent threats to trees in Ontario include:

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Asian Long Horned Beetle
  • Oak Wilt Disease
  • Gypsy Moth

* Homeowners in Southern Ontario should be aware of these recent threats to our Native species. To learn more go to: www.inspection.gc.ca

Our King Tree team are experts in Horticulture, Arboriculture and Forestry. We have the necessary knowledge to monitor, inspect and offer sound diagnosis and treatment options for your small or large tree problems.


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